Skate Park

Settle Town Council are leading the project to create a Skate Park in Settle

This has been a long-term dream for the young people of Settle over the past 15 years and has significant support from the local community. The Town Council have now raised £120k to complete this project for the young people of Settle. 

Large funding applications have been successful from a variety of funding sources such as National Lottery, Settle Middle School Legacy Fund and Sport England and S106 planning gain monies from Skipton Properties, Falcon Park development and McCarthy & Stone, The Wickets. Community funds raised or donated so far has amounted to £1500 and still coming in.

The Town Council are pleased to announce that we now have a project manager in place to oversee this project to completion. The Design and Build contractor is Bendcrete.

Meeting on the 1st July 2019 

At the Town Council meeting on Monday 1st July the Council agreed to abandon the Bond Lane site.

This is the extract from the draft minutes detailing the next steps.

Skateboard Park: The Chair introduced a report that gave the background to the skateboard project and outlined some of the options. Cllr Linley moved that as a result of the concerns within the community Bond Lane Park ceased to be the skateboard park site and the proposal was seconded by Cllr Taylor. Cllr Bellfield acknowledged the skate board facility might not happen and Cllr James asked about the financial implications of stopping the project. Cllr Lord agreed that the site had been rejected by the people of the town. Cllr Presland indicated no one site will please everyone and that it may be necessary to re-examine a list of potential sites again.

 Meetings on the 8th July 2019 

It was agreed a meeting of the Steering Group should be held Monday 8th July 2019 and representatives of the community, local schools Giggleswick Parish Council, users of the site and NY Police should be invited to the meetings. It was further agreed an Extraordinary Council would be held on Monday 15th July 2019 at 8pm to review the findings of the Steering Group. Cllr Catherwood felt Millennium Gardens was the only realistic site available.

After further discussion it was RESOLVED:

  • Bond Lane is dropped as the preferred site for the Skate Board facility
  • Work to continue of design concepts for a skateboard facility to be located elsewhere
  • A meeting of the Skateboard Steering Group to be held 8th July 2019 and all the above should be invited.
  • An Extraordinary Council to be held on 15th July 2019.