Virtual Council Meeings

Under the terms of the Coronavirus Act 2020, Settle Town Council is now able to meet virtually using video conferencing software.

Parishioners will still be able to make representation to the council in Parishioner Participation, please contact the town clerk on for further advice on this and to receive your email invitation. See joining instructions below.

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How to join the meeting 

The minutes of the meeting will be available after approval at following Town Council meeting

Below you will find links to the recordings of the virtual meetings until the town council resumes normal council meetings when it is safe to do so. 

20th April 2020 - Full Council Meeting

11th May 2020 - Admin Finance and Staffing

15th May 2020 - Full Council Meeting

15th June 2020 - Full Council Meeting

17th June 2020 - Allotments Committee Meeting

20th July 2020 - Full Council Meeting 

12th August 2020 - Extraordinary Council Meeting

17th August - Full Town Council Meeting

14th September 2020 - Allotments Commitee Meeting

14th September 2020 - Admin Finance and Staffing Commitee Meeting 

21st September 2020 - Full Council Meeting

5th October 2020 - Markets and Services Committee Meeting 

5th October 2020 - Planning and Environment Commitee Meeting 

19th October 2020 - Full Council Meeting

16th November 2020 - Full Council Meeting  

7th December 2020 - Allotments Committee Meeting 

7th December 2020 - Admin, Finance & Staffing Committee Meeting  

11th January 2021 - Full Council Meeting