Multi-Use Pump Track

Settle Town Council are leading the project to create a Multi-Use Pump Track in Settle

Work is progressing well with the pump track and the tarmac has now been laid.  The next jobs include the installation of the bike racks and laying the turf. 

The opening event is currently being planned  - please do get in touch if you would like to be involved in the opening!!!


Follow our facebook page - for further updates and to see how the project progresses 

 ***Please note that Millennium Garden is still closed to ensure everyone's safety. PLEASE DO NOT RIDE ON THE TRACK.  The site is still a working building site with no access to the general public***


A Public Survey in December 2020 asked  if there was support to locate a skate/pump track facility in Millennium garden that the Town Council own and manage. Following the public survey a "youth survey" was sent out to the following schools: Settle College, Settle Primary School, Giggleswick Primary School and Giggleswick School. There was a great deal of support expressed from both surveys and the results showed a great need for this type of facility. 

View here Youth Survey Analysis Report 

Comments received included: "I think a pump track is a great idea and upto modern times. I know the skate park is an old idea but a pump track would be better". "It would be great to have one". "A pump track would be much better than a skate park". "I think it would be a great addition to the area". "This would be amazing for the local children". "How fantastic that Settle, after all this time is thinking of the youth in the area. Finally something to benefit the kids to enjoy and a reason to get out of the four walls they have been confined to". 

Worryingly the survey also highlighted that children are riding their bikes, scooters and skateboards in unsuitable areas around Settle, including carparks.

The steering group has continued to meet numerous times and a specialist contractor has now been awarded the tender. We are delighted to confirm that "Conservefor" have been chosen to design and build the pump track. We are also pleased to be working again with our project manager Sean from STAL UK.

Funding is still in place and we are extremely grateful and would like to thank our funding supporters that have stuck with us during these difficult times.


 Conservefor' Design for the Pump Track at Millennium Garden